Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reversing the Effects Of Willie Lynch

The Willie Lynch program was a long term goal to colonize the minds of Black People in this country and the Caribbian Islands. Many of us have read the Lynch Papers and have felt the shock behind the program but where do we go from here. Is spreading the word enough? Do we create a program to rebuild the colonized minds that has been socially engineered by European Society?
I personally think we should go for the latter of the two. Now what should that program look like? Here are just s few ideas that I think should be apart of the program.

I. Read and Study Your History
A. The History of Pre-Colonial Africa
B. The History of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
C. The History of the Civil Rights Movement
II. Organize and Educate Family and Friends
A. Discuss the Lynch Papers
B. Discuss ways in which the program is alive today
C. Come up with ideas that can reverse the Devastation of the Willie Lynch Program in our own lives
III. Communicate with Black People that have similar goals and aspirations
A. Develop or join Positive African Centered Groups
B. Mentor Children and Students
C. Encourage your Church or Mosque to accept the challenge and step up to the plate to reverse the socially endangered minds of African Americans

These are just a few ideas that I believe can start to make a difference in the African American community to inspire change. It is not too late to make Willie Lynch a failure. The time for talking is over. We have talked about the problems enough. It is time for action and the time for action is NOW. For if we do nothing, Willie Lynch and all like him win. And believe me there is a conscious effort to keep his legacy alive. You only need to watch a video or listen to the radio to see his program hard at work on our minds and the social behavior of our people. All I am saying is if Willie Lynch created a program with the intent to destroy we as black people need to create a program with the intent to build and uplift a better African American Community.

Here are two books that I believe will aid you in your quest to end the Willie Lynch Syndrome. They are MisEducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson and Destruction of A Black Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams.

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